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Full Stack Reactive

28th of May, 2019

One of the most challenging aspects of building enterprise systems is dealing with issues of failure and scale, which can cause cascading timeouts and failures that impact overall responsiveness.

This talk will dive into what it takes to build a Full Stack Reactive system. We’ll cover some key reactive patterns by demonstrating the concepts using a reference application called ‘Reactive Stock Trader’. We’ll begin with a reactive UI using Vue.js, then dive into key reactive service patterns such as event sourcing and CQRS using Lagom and Java. Finally, we’ll cover core distributed systems concepts like eventual consistency by walking through a fully event-based persistence layer using Cassandra.

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Reactive programming is an increasingly popular approach to building fully responsive systems, especially responsive systems that need to scale to enterprise-level demands. This talk will help to fast track your understanding of reactive ‘all the way down the stack’, from the UI to the service-tier to data persistence.

All code examples will be using Java and JavaScript, although the focus of the talk will be on the concepts of reactive programming. The concepts we’ll discuss are portable to many different languages and frameworks.

Reactive in Practice

This talk is based on the learning series I’ve published with IBM Developer called Reactive in Practice. I’ve been collaborating with IBM for months to bring these learnings to anyone interested in applying reactive, event sourcing, and CQRS design patterns to real world enterprise systems. My background is mostly in banking and finance, so all of the event sourcing and CQRS examples are framed around IBMs classic Stock Trader. The series rethinks that classic application as a reactive system.

Most tutorials about event sourcing and CQRS shy away from the more complex aspects of enterprise modernization towards real-time systems, but we’re jumping into them full stop! This talk will be a great way to get a condensed view of applying event sourcing and CQRS to your next project.

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