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ReactiveTO survey results

14th of May, 2019

A few weeks ago we sent a survey to the members of ReactiveTO on the type of content that would be interesting to reactive programming enthusiasts in Toronto. The results of this survey will guide our efforts with ReactiveTO for the rest of the year.

Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback, and everyone who attends our events!

Topics of interest

To get a general sense of what the group is interested in, we asked about some high-level topics of interests. The top three chosen topics were:

Keep in mind that some of the topics which scored lower may be due to a lack of awareness of the topic itself rather than a lack of interest. Other topics such as machine learning integrations with reactive systems are niche but still may be hyper relevant to dive into this year.

Functional Reactive Programming

Because the FRP space is so broad – and we also anticipated high interest for this category – we asked a question that would go deeper into the FRP interests of ReactiveTO members.

Reactive Extensions is the leading topic of interest by a few votes. A surprise is the strong interest in Haskell-based FRP (Reactive Banana, etc), which tied with Typelevel-based FRP (Monix, etc). Rounding out the more advanced functional FRP topics is Scalaz-based FRP (ZIO, etc).

Keep in mind how low the sample size is, but we do see a little more interest in FRP than we initially thought before the survey was launched. Any talk proposals around FRP are more than welcome!

Lightbend Reactive Platform

In order to make Lightbend related talks as relevant as possible for ReactiveTO members based on the survey results, we will tie all Lightbend talks into the more general topic of reactive design patterns. We think Lagom is a good fit for these types of talks as Lagom encapsulates quite a few reactive design patterns. We also see interest in more Akka-based talks that are ‘distributed systems’ flavoured.

One topic of particular interest to ReactiveTO members may be IBMs growing involvement in reactive technologies. IBM now brands and resells the Reactive Platform, which points to the reactive paradigm gaining significantly increased traction in enterprise development. Stay tuned for more details about this. We’re working on a comprehensive overview of IBM+Reactive for a meetup in the near future!

Preferred format

Once in awhile I hear a statement like “presentation-format talks are boring”. I wanted to test that theory with our members, and it turns out to be largely untrue. The preferred format of our meetups are presentation-style talks. “Case studies and war stories” are neck in neck with technical presentations. We can see trailing interest in all of the other formats.

We do see some merit in mixing up the flavour of ReactiveTO meetups from time to time, but will largely focus on 30-45 minute tech talks and 10-25 minute war stories. If you have an interesting war story to share with us please get in touch with us to submit a talk proposal!


I was curious why our members are interested in coming out to these events. By far the number one reason is to learn new skills for personal and career development.

We welcome anyone who is hiring, recruiting, or evaluating reactive technologies to come to our meetups and network with members. Remember that case studies and war stories are often better shared over a cup of coffee through a personal connection than through a formal presentation!


We're excited to bring you more reactive programming topics over the coming year! We see the paradigm of reactive programming and reactive systems development becoming more relevant, especially with data-centric approaches such as event sourcing, machine learning, and serverless starting to cross the chasm from experiments to production systems.

We're looking for additional speakers this year, so if you would like to deliver a talk in the near future please get in touch using the form on this page or via Meetup.

We'll announce some future meetups shortly. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

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