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Retrospective: A Night of Reactive Programming

6th of August, 2014

I hosted the first event for ReactiveTO on July 24th. It was fantastic evening filled with great talks on reactive programming principles, microservices, Akka, and ReactiveCocoa.


It was wonderful to see so many folks show up with interest in such a wide variety of languages and toolkits. We had developers representing the communities of JavaScript (Node.js), Ruby (EventMachine), Objective-C (ReactiveCocoa), and Scala (Akka), among many other languages and toolkits. Reactive programming is an emerging paradigm that aims to help developers solve current problems using new techniques under new conditions.

Simply put, with 2.9 billion people now using the internet, our old tricks and techniques of developing robust software must adapt. Language and framework tribalism will play a very small role in the upcoming big shift towards Reactive programming, so it was wonderful to meet other developers with the same point of view. The common factor uniting us all is the desire to build better software.

Aleksey Nikiforov - Akka demo
Aleksey Nikiforov demonstrating a live real-time heartbeat app in Akka.

Thank you!

A big thanks goes out to my fellow presenters, in no particular order: Dejan Glozic (IBM), Sergey Gavrilyuk (Qwrty), Aleksey Nikiforov (PagerDuty), and Nurun Toronto for hosting our first event.