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I'm an independent consultant based in Toronto, Canada. I specialize in training and programming services in areas such as event-driven architeciture, microservices, cloud-enablement, and machine learning enablement.

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I'm available for contract roles in the following locations: remote (with availability for up to 50% travel), or on-site in Waterloo, Montreal, Halifax, or Moncton.

I'm also open to full-time roles at the senior/leadership level.

Last updated: May 13th, 2019

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ReactiveTO survey results

Reactive programming • May 14, 2019

We sent out a survey to the members of ReactiveTO on the type of content they wanted to see in 2019.

Demystifying machine learning

Machine learning • December 19, 2018

Classical software is primarily based around the notion of decision trees. Any programmer who has coded an if-else-then statement can understand the basics of data science.

Give credit and take blame

Career • June 4, 2017

When success is ultimately achieved, give the credit to others. There will be time for you to internalize your own impact on the success of a project.

Understanding the role of technology marketing

Career • May 31, 2017

Marketing done right should give back to the community more than it takes from it. Marketing is not advertising. Let's discuss the difference.

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DataOps: Operationalizing Data Science

Conference • October 26, 2018 • Reactive Summit 2018

According to Gartner’s Nick Heudecker, 85% of data science projects fail. This is a staggering ratio of failure that deserves consideration from your organization before undertaking your next data science initiative!

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